Cambios importantes en Google App Engine Search API

Hoy he recibido un email por parte del equipo de Google App Engine que informa de nuevos e importantes cambios y ajustes en el API Search de Google App Engine.

Deberás prestar especial atención a estos cambios porque a partir de la nueva release 1.7.5 los métodos marcados como obselotes se eliminarán y todo tu código que use dichos métodos dejará de funcionar.

Estos cambios afectan a métodos básicos como remove, listDocuments o add de documentos a tú índices de búsquedas y afectan tanto a versiones Python como a versiones Java.

Dejo aquí la nota oficial para que puedas consultar los cambios importantes.

Dear Search User,

Thank you for using the Experimental App Engine Search API. We’ve been hard at work improving the API and preparing for our launch, and there were a few changes we wanted to update you about.

1) Deprecation of Globally Consistent Indexes
Fewer than 40 applications have created globally consistent indexes, and we’ve determined that the complexity of two different index types is not warranted. In the 1.7.4 release in December, 2012, the consistency class will be deprecated. You will still be able to access your existing globally consistent indexes (without needing to specify the consistency model) after this date, but we strongly suggest that you migrate those indexes to per-document consistent indexes for better performance.

2) API Cleanup
We’ve made some changes to the API in order to make it more streamlined and easy to use. These include:
– A number of methods on indexes have been renamed:
“getField” has been renamed to “getFields” (Java only)
“add” has been renamed to “put” (both Python and Java)
“remove” has been renamed to “delete” (Python and Java)
“listDocuments” (Java) and “list_documents” (Python) have been renamed to “getRange” (Java) and “get_range” (Python).
– The SearchService.listIndexes method has been renamed to SearchService.getIndexes in Java. The list_indexes function in the Python search package has been renamed to get_indexes.
– Exceptions in the Java API have changed to reflect these name changes. AddException is now PutException, ListException is now GetException, RemoveException is now DeleteException, and ListIndexesException has been replaced by GetException. Note that only the new methods will throw these new exceptions; the old methods will continue to throw the old exceptions.
– Request and response classes in the Java API have also changed to reflect the name changes. AddResponse is now PutResponse, ListRequest is now GetRequest, ListResponse is now GetResponse, and ListIndexesResponse is now GetResponse. Again, only the new methods will use these new types; the old methods will continue to use the old types until they are removed. This is only relevant to the Java API.

We will remove the deprecated methods in the next App Engine release (1.7.5) in February. Please ensure that you have migrated to the new methods before that time to avoid any problems with your application in production. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. As with all Experimental APIs, we sometimes need to make changes to improve the product before we make it available as a fully supported API, and this is one of those cases.

Christina Ilvento, Product Manager, Google App Engine Search API

You are receiving this mandatory service update with regards to your Google App Engine account for your application s~semtable.

© Google, Inc
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Mountain View, CA, 94043


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