Emoji Reactions the new super cool stuff your software needs or you’ll be dead

I’m writing this post because I think this is getting really disgusting. Seems that if your software doesn’t allow users to add reactions to comments, posts, links, cards, etc.. you’re dead.

Emoji Reactions Github

In Slack, now you’re able to add emoji reactions to comments.

Github, now allows you to add emoji reactions to comments, pull request issues.

In RealtimeBoard now you can add emoji reactions to sticky notes.

[ ADD YOUR SUPER SOFTWARE HERE ] (if it supports emoji reactions)

Shouldn’t be more interesting to build better software, make it stronger, faster, easier, or simply add new “real” features to increase users productivity, instead of simply copying an old feature from Facebook?

Yes, you read correctly, copying an old feature brought to the audience thank to Facebook and its “like” function. Or don’t you think it’s basically the same concept, someone writes something and everybody says “like it”?

Software engineers in the world, please, kick your “marketing” bosses in the ass and stop copying features from other apps.

Be creative ! Be better ! We can do better !

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