Important change on compilation DART to JavaScript process

Recently DART Team published a note on the DART discuss where they tell us has been an important and significant change on the DART to Javascript compilation process.

Currently, the way to run our applications written in DART is compile it to JavaScript so that browsers can run our code.

All of this will change when the virtual machine that runs our DART code natively is deployed and supported by most popular browsers, in particular Google Chrome will support it natively.

Previously we used FROG to compile DART to JS. From now we will use a new module called dart2js.

The DART team is working hard on the optimizations so that in future this new module will be faster and more efficient than FROG and, above all, it’ll generate more efficient code.

I leave the official note.


It’s time to say goodbye to frog. Within the next two weeks, we will
be deprecating frog and removing it from the SDK and the editor.
Starting early next week, we will be updating our build bots
( to spend even more time testing
dart2js and less time testing frog. Once everything is in good shape
and we’re happy with our test coverage, we will pull the plug on frog
and be down to a single Dart-to-JavaScript compiler. I will keep you
posted on our progress.

If you haven’t updated to dart2js yet – now would be a fantastic time
to do so. It already ships as part of the SDK and the editor and it is
easy to use:

Usage: dart2js [options] dartfile

Compiles Dart to JavaScript.

Common options:
-o<file> Generate the output into <file>.
-c Insert runtime type checks and enable assertions (checked mode).
-h Display this message (add -v for information about all options).

As always, we really appreciate feedback and bug reports and we will
do our best to deal with issues quickly.



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