Google App Engine Nueva release 1.6.6

Hoy he visto el anuncio de una nueva release de Google App Engine, es un gran avance porque desde la release 1.6.5 ya se encuentra disponible el famoso y tan solicitado “full search”. En cuanto lo pruebe publicaré algunos ejemplos de código y daré mi opinión sobre su potencial.

Adjunto la nota oficial de la publicación.

1.6.6 SDK Released

While the Search API was a feature that was just so exciting we couldn’t wait to share it, we still have our regularly scheduled release for May full of new offerings, fixes and refinements with a little something for everyone.

Search API
For the Search API, we’ve included a change that displays the current experimental quota limits in the Admin Console. We’ve also made several bug fixes and small naming changes in the API to improve consistency.

Service Refinements
As a result of the Master/Slave datastore deprecation, new users will no longer be able to create new Master/Slave applications. We strongly suggest that developers move their existing Master/Slave applications to HRD.

Feature Updates
We are always looking for ways to remove our system limits so that developers can get the most out of the App Engine platform. With this release, apps that have billing enabled can now configure up to 100 cron jobs.

Lastly, we will be prompting a small percentage of admin console users each week to participate in an optional user satisfaction survey.

Of course, we can’t get to all the new things we have for you here, so don’t forget to read the full release notes for Python, Java, and Go. Stack Overflow for App Engine is an amazing way to get technical help from the community and members of the App Engine team, and we continue the lively discussion about App Engine over on our Google Group.

– Posted by the Google App Engine Team


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