Nuevo Google App Engine Google Plus Hangout

Me gustaría compartir algo que creo que puede resultar interesante para toda la comunidad interesada en Google App Engine.

El Jueves 10 de Mayo 2012 a las 11:30 UTC tendrá lugar una presentación sobre Google App Engine y Python realizado por WebFilings con una gran experiencia desarrollando grandes aplicaciones, además asistirá como invitado especial Guido Van Rossum.

A continuación os dejo la nota oficial de la publicación del evento, espero que podáis disfrutarlo !!!

hi all,

This week we will have a fantastic G+ hangout, as we broadcast an App-Engine-related Python User Group presentation by WebFilings, who have lots of experience building large App Engine applications (Robert Kluin and Mike Wesner, whom you may know from this group, will be amongst the presenters). A very special guest, Guido van Rossum (who needs no introduction as the creator of Python and is the author of the App Engine ndb library), may also pop in via the hangout!

The meeting begins at 6pm CDT, but the actual broadcast will begin at about 6:30pm CDT Thu 10th May (4:30pm PDT, 11:30pm UTC).

We are starting to announce these hangouts on, and you can find this one there:

When the hangout starts, you can find the broadcast here: .
Find when the hangout starts in your time zone: .
View and subscribe to calendar events for these hangouts here: , .


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