Google App Engine 1.6.5 Released

New Google App Engine version 1.6.5. released.

New features here:

  • App Engine SDK – Release Notes – Version 1.6.5 – April 24, 2012
    You can now perform datastore queries that return a subset of your entity properties with the same performance and cost of a keys-only query. This feature is experimental.
  • In the High Replication Datastore, there is a new metadata kind, __entity_group__, that has a numeric __version__ property. This property is guaranteed to increase on every change to the entity group.
  • The Images API now supports manipulating objects hosted on Google Cloud Storage.
    In the Images API, the get_serving_url call now optionally allows you to specify if the URL you are generating should be served over https.
  • In the Task Queue REST API, you can now specify a tag when you insert a task on a Pull Queue.
  • In the Task Queue API, you can specify a deadline for the lease_tasks call. The default deadline has been increased from 5 seconds to 10 seconds.
  • You can now use cron to schedule Datastore backups.
  • The Datastore Admin now has a page that displays information on the status of your Datastore backups and restores.
  • You can now abort your Datastore backup or restore from the Datastore Admin.
  • You can now restore a single Datastore Kind from the Datastore Admin from a Datastore backup.
  • In the Admin Console, you can report production issues with your application directly to Google from the application’s pages. Simply click the “Report Production Issues” link, fill out the requested information, and submit.
  • All user requests have X-AppEngine-Region, X-AppEngine-City, and X-AppEngine-CityLatLong headers which contain location information based on the IP address of the client request. For a full description of these headers, see:
  • We have added support for concurrent transactions to @db.transactional and db.run_in_transaction_options() along with other transaction propagation options.
  • We’ve introduced an experimental new Mac Installer that only supports Python 2.7.
  • In your app.yaml file, you can include an env_variables stanza that will set the given environment variables in your application’s runtime.
  • Jinja2 now includes the _debugsupport module.
  • Fixed an issue with the dev_appserver where it defaulted the HTTP Content-Type of a request to text/plain instead of text/html.
  • Fixed an issue where the SDK would include some indexes that were not needed in production.
  • Fixed an issue in the SDK where the SDK admin console would not display utf-8 encoded list property values.

I leave official post on Google App Engine discuss.


We’ve released 1.6.5 today, with some really cool features you can read about here:

One of the most exciting is projection queries, the description of which I’ll crib from the above post:

“We’ve introduced an experimental type of query, projection queries, in the Datastore. For the SQL fans amongst us, this is similar to queries of the form:

SELECT Property1, Property2 FROM MyEntity ORDER BY Property3

Projection queries have the same cost and performance characteristics as keys-only queries but return entity objects populated only with the requested properties.”

Python docs:

Java docs:



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