Python for all

When I started to develop in Python I read this online book. “Python para todos” (Python for all). I recommend read it if your are newbie on Python development. You can search it on google or access to this URL to download it.

Python is one of most simple programming languages that I can work with. You can read this book, or another one, and you’ll start your developments in few minutes.

When I knew this language, I think that It’s like bash on Linux, obviously leaving out the differences. If you need to do some task or process you can code a bash script and It’ll do it. Bash, for my experience It’s very strong on linux, I mean, Bash itself alone loses power, It needs linux to work together and bring you all the power and simplicity to do anything you need.

Python offers you all the power and simplicity to do anything you need, specially if you’re working on Windows. You can code any script to work with your operating system and simplify your life or your work. With Python you have a powerful programming language, like Bash, (leaving out the differences) and with Python’s libraries (like native functions on linux) you have all you need to work with your operating system, working with files, regular expressions, network or anything you can imagine.